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Christmas Lunch, 2 courses, local area (Ring Keith for details)



Some of you have been before, you loved it!  Keith not giving much away.  Menu will accompany your booking.

Pick up:

Bridge Street, Hemel, 8.15am

Bovingdon, Dudley House, 8.30am

Greenway, 8.45am

Jolly Sportsman, 8.50am

Chesham Broadway, 8.55am

Red Lion (The Pound), 9am

Amersham Carrols, 9.10am

Little Chalfont (Sugar Loaf Pub), 9.20am


Total Cost – £40.00

Home approx:  5pm 

Trip Details

Seats remaining: 

Trip No. 12
Home Approx 17.00
Total Cost: £40

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