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Banbury for lunch then on to Uplands, National Trust


Spend time in Banbury, Market Town and then on to Uplands, stunning gardens of dahlias and asters. 


Pick up:

Hemel, Bridge Street – 8.45am

Bovingdon, Dudley House – 9am

Greenway  – 9.15am

Jolly Sportsman – 9.20am

Chesham Broadway – 9.25am

Red Lion (The Pound) – 9.30am

Amersham, Carrols – 9.45am

Little Chalfont (Sugar Loaf Pub) – 9.55am


Total Cost:  National Trust members – £25.00 .  For National Trust non-        members pay £11 for entrance when we get there.                          



Home approx: 7.30pm 

Trip Details

Seats remaining: 

Trip No. 7
Home Approx 19.30
Total Cost N/T Members £25.00  non N/T Members +£11 entrance fee

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