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A Word From Keith

Welcome Friends

Dear Member/s,

As 2018 draws to a close we are forced to look ahead and consider where we think the Chesham & Friends will be in the future.   Membership numbers have dwindled to around 400, we still have new people joining us regularly but for one reason or another we are losing quite a few too.  400 is still a good number so why have the day trips and holidays suffered this year?

On most trips we haven’t been able to fulfil the minimum amount of people required to justify the cost of the coach, consequently club funds have reduced dramatically.

After having to cancel holidays this year, Jan in withdrawing from arranging them, but will still be joining us on the day trips.

None of us are getting any younger and many members have cut back on what they can do both financially and physically.

The four committee members will no longer act as ‘carers’, if you feel you are in this category we would appreciate it if you organised for someone to come along to look after you on the trips.

We are no longer affiliated to the National Trust as we don’t comply to their rules regarding committee members, so the club is now just the Chesham & Friends, (that is all you’ll need to write on your cheques to us in future), it should be said that this change won’t affect yourselves in any way.

So, with the doom and gloom out of the way what does 2019 hold for us? 

Membership monies of £8.00 are due for renewal running until June, we will then review to see if the club is a viable proposition.

Jan and Heather are still available for information regarding trips and theatres, they have done a wonderful job this past year.

With Christmas looming ever closer, we would like to wish you all best wishes, and a very Happy, Healthy New Year.

Hopefully see you soon.


Keith, Rome, Jan and Heather.



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