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About Us

Chesham and Friends  provides our members with enjoyable day trips to interesting and varied locations throughout the year, but it doesn’t happen by magic.

A small committee of four people manage the Club. These individuals also carry out the day-to-day administration of the club.

Keith is the Chairman. He is also our very experienced courier. Keiths years of driving have provided him with a wealth of knowledge about our trips and he is well known to many of our regular trippers.

Romey is Keith’s wife and deals with bookings, enquiries and searching for the best value theatre trips.

Heather is the clubs Membership Secretary. She can help with general enquiries.

Jan is Keith’s sister and the clubs Liaison Secretary with the National Trust and can also help with general Enquiries.


Keeping The Costs Down

By carrying out the administration ourselves, we keep the costs down ensuring that the annual membership fees are sufficient to cover all of the administration expenses. Similarly we take maximum advantage of group discounts so we can keep the prices as low as possible.

The intention is that the club should simply pay its way and not overcharge to make profits, that’s why the annual membership fee is only £8.00.

As long as there is sufficient support in terms of membership to keep the club viable, we will continue to offer the service that the club provides. If you’re a member, thanks for your support! If you’re not, now’s the time to get aboard!

For more details about how to apply for membership go to our Join Us page.

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